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Read Me

Postby openSkies » Fri Dec 30, 2005 2:55 pm

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08/21/2007 - Deleted sections no longer needed due to upgrade, updated URLs

Hello all, and welcome to the message board.

My name is Matt, and I'm the official board admin, but I won't be here too often. I just run the behind-the-scenes stuff at CFP.

I have composed this post to both help and guide the members of this forum. Included is useful information, the 'CFP Board Rules and Regs', a short FAQ list, and some how-to's.

If you have any questions, please, please, please do not hesitate to message anyone on the Admin or Moderator Teams.

CFP Board Rules and Regulations

Unfortunately, we do have to post a list of the rules for this message board. They're practically all common sense things, but for legal reasons, we have to post the information in an easy-to-access place, and require that all members view the page before posting. You don't have to fill out a letter of agreement or anything, just read it and you're done. We legally ensure this by placing the forum rules at the top of each forum, therefore releasing us of all responsibility for you making a stupid post. Just be smart.

Click Here for the Regs

Posting as a Guest

We are no longer allowing Guest posting due to numerous security reports coming from the phpBB community. All visitors wishing to post are now required to register on the board. Visual confirmations, as well as e-mail verifications are also implemented as-of now.

Please report any problems to the CFP Board Management.

"Remember Me" During Log-In

Many people have reported issues regarding the "Remember me" option working. It doesn't seem to remember them. This could be for many reasons, and we've tried to resolve as many of them as we can on our side. According to phpBB, the makers of this board, this issue is most likely due to the users in-ability to receive cookies on their computer.

Cookies are small text files that are saved onto your computer from websites. These cookies can contain a wide variety of information, ranging from what websites you have visited (to help advertisers track your interests), to helping websites remember your log-in information. Whether you choose to accept cookies or not is your choice. If you would like to check and see what your current preferences are, or would like to start accepting cookies, follow these steps:

(For Internet Explorer only)
Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced

The options shouldn't be highlighted, but you can still check where they're located. Both should be set to "Accept". If not, override the current settings and change that, also allowing sessions (check box below them).


If you're wondering what the little footballs are for, or why some people have awards in their signatures, then you should check out the corresponding post HERE. The footballs relate to the rank of each member, which is based upon the number of posts they have made in the forum, while the awards are received upon completion of a task, participation in, or winning an event.

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