Best Weekend This Year?

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Best Weekend This Year?

Postby Eric » Sun Nov 02, 2008 5:32 pm

Are you guys convinced that Week 10 was the best so far? Here's a rundown:

1. Northwestern returns a tipped interception to the house to beat Minnesota, 24-17. Why didn't Brewster just knee the ball and go to overtime? Seriously, did he think he was going to win the game in Minnesota territory with 26 seconds and no timeouts? I thought that was a horrific call.

2. Bret Swenson nails a FG pretty much as time expires to beat Wisconsin 25-24. Why in God's name did Bret Bielema call a timeout when Michigan State's FG unit was rushed onto the field? Honestly, I'd take my chances that the pressure would be too much and somebody would miss a block. Either that or the kicker would be rushed. If Barry Alvarez was coaching there right now, this team would probably be 6-3.

3. CMU QB Brian Brunner steps in for Dan LeFevour and leads Central Michigan to victory in the waning minutes of the game to beat Indiana, 37-34. Finally! I know it was only Indiana in Bloomington, but it had been since 1992 that the Chips beat a Big 10 team. I was getting tired of the same old, "Win the MAC, get clobbered by BCS conference team" ordeal.

4. Miami recovers a fumble, completes a deep pass, misses a FG, but wins the game in overtime. The ACC gets even more crazy, doesn't it? Once you think Virginia has established itself as a main contender, they get beat at home against the Canes. I have no clue what to expect anymore.

5. Purdue staves off Michigan 48-42. This was utterly disappointing. If there was one game that Michigan had a chance to win the rest of the way, this could have been it. I know the end of the bowl streak was a long time coming, but it was disappointing to realize it as a reality. 2-10! Yay! :evil:

6. Arkansas smashes Tulsa's BCS dreams. This was another disappointing game for me. I really thought Tulsa was better than that. I think their skill position players are vastly underrated (Johnson, Hawthorne, Shelley, Tennial, Adams, Marion, and all), but the offensive line was pretty much blown away by Arkansas. Nevertheless, it was a fun game to watch with Casey Dick throwing an interception late, Tulsa marching downfield, and turning it over on downs inside the 10 yard line. Hey Doss, what was the deal on the last play of the game? Why a fade route when you need a few yards to get a 1st down? They didn't have to go to the endzone there :? .

7. Texas A&M beat Colorado 24-17. It wasn't on TV around my parts, but from reading the recap, it sounded really interesting. Colorado scored with about 3 minutes left in the game but couldn't pull it out.

8. Pitt beats Notre Dame 36-33 in quadruple overtime. This game was frustrating. Note that I'm no Notre Dame fan, but I don't like Wannstedt and while I didn't really care who won the game, Charlie Weis was driving me insane. Why would he go with that predictable palycalling? I felt like I was watching an NFL game with these two guys :lol: . Seriously, run to the inside, run to the outside, incomplete pass, FG.

9. Georgia Tech forces a fumble in the endzone to beat Florida State by 3. I couldn't believe this. I still think Florida State is the best team in the ACC, even after this late turnover.

10. Clemson upset Boston College in Chesnut Hill. I didn't catch much of this game, but it was good to see Clemson finally register a nice win. Still, it seems like it's too late to salvage a bowl game. Had they played Army or somebody of that caliber instead of The Citadel or South Carolina State, they could still have gone 6-6 and made a bowl game but now they must finish 7-5 (which is like 6-5 since only one FCS win counts).

11. Duke fails to upset Wake Forest in overtime, 33-30. This was on ESPN360 so I wasn't able to see it, but Thaddeus Lewis was picked off in the "bottom inning" of overtime to lose the game. That's a shame though because I'd really like to see Duke qualify for a bowl game.

12. Illinois pulls off the win after blowing a 24-9 lead in the 4th quarter. This was another game that I didn't necessarily watch a lot of because the Illini were running away with it, but I did catch the FG at the very end. When Stanzi was picked off, I changed the channel, but I was shocked to see that Iowa had tied it up in the 4th quarter. Matt Eller nailed a FG with 24 seconds left in the game.

13. Temple loses to Navy due to mistake after mistake. Man, if any of you guys saw this game, you'd be as amazed as me. Temple was nursing a 20 point lead in the 4th quarter but allowed Navy to score a TD. The Middies scored again with 2 minutes and had the PAT blocked leaving them down by 7. The Owls were trying to wear down the clock, but Navy returned a fumble for a TD with 37 seconds left in the game. Then in overtime, Temple's TE dropped a 4th down conversion pass in the endzone giving Navy the win. Man, tough loss again for Temple. Do the Owls ever catch a break? :roll:

14. BYU survives in Fort Collins against Colorado State. This was an amazing game to watch on the bottom line. Every minute or so there was a "Score Alert" on ESPN. BYU was on the verge of getting upset, but they traded off scores late.

15. Then, if you stayed up late enough to see it, Arizona State failed on a 2-point conversion and lost to Oregon State. Who, believe it or not, controls their own destiny in the Pac-10 race :shock: .
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