Picks --- Week Four Results

Confidence points, straight-up picks, and bragging rights.
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Picks --- Week Four Results

Postby Cane from the Bend » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:25 am


Game Winners:

(1.) NC State
(2.) Texas Tech
(3.) Georgia Tech
(4.) UCF
(5.) USC
(6.) TCU
(7.) Duke
(8.) Navy
(9.) Miami
(10.) Nebraska
(11.) Michigan
(12.) Louisiana-Monroe
(13.) North Texas
(14.) Georgia
(15.) San Diego State
(16.) Western Kentucky
(17.) Penn State
(18.) Notre Dame
(19.) Washington
(20.) Stanford

Week Four Participant Scores:

Vileborg = 13
Spence = 13
Derek = 13
Old Ducker = 12
Donovan = 12
Highfly = 11
Cane = 11

Heh, now I know why Ol' Boomer had a weekly tie breaker question. Not the best week for our predictions; though we are all still above 50%.

Three way tie at the top, so congrats to Vileborg -- Spence -- Derek.

Many of the games we missed on, were close in scoring and easily could have gone the other way.

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